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Altagamma and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana to Draghi: "stay"

Altagamma and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana also join the chorus of those calling on Premier Mario Draghi to give continuity to the government and remain at its helm, "believing that all political forces, for the good of the country, should express their confidence in the Government." An appeal that represents "the will of the country" that "goes in this direction and cannot be ignored. The Pnrr and the great momentum it can bring to Italy, the stability and cohesion of Europe at a time of crisis, the reputation of our country internationally: all this depends on the unity that all political forces, in unison, will be able to interpret today. Even at the cost of personal sacrifices. President Draghi has the full confidence of the two representative organizations of Italian excellence that believe it is necessary to continue in the immediate future the effective government action that Industry has witnessed in recent months."

"This crisis creates a huge problem for businesses, families, and, in general, for all Italian citizens," says Matteo Lunelli, president of Altagamma. "It is a moment of great uncertainty that needs a stable government and the international authority that Mario Draghi can guarantee. What is needed today from everyone is a strong sense of responsibility: we are a country with 150 percent debt to GDP, sharply rising inflation is weighing on household budgets, we are witnessing a disproportionate increase in the cost of raw materials for our businesses, and war is destabilizing international balances. In this context, stability and continuity are crucial to containing the increase in the spread of our government bonds that negatively affects our public debt and to concluding the path of the NRP on time. We hope that the Draghi government can continue leading the country with the consistency and firmness it has shown so far."

"Fashion represents the second Industry of our country and is a fundamental strategic sector of the Italian economy: about 60 thousand companies and almost 600 thousand employees for a production that in 2019 touched 100 billion euros. After the pandemic global crisis, the sector is at the beginning of recovery," comments Carlo Capasa, president of the National Chamber for Italian Fashion. "The figure of Prime Minister Mario Draghi has been crucial in these complex months, enhancing and offering international authority to our country and representing its interests through concrete actions in Europe and worldwide. For this reason, it needs to avert an irreversible government crisis; full responsibility is needed at this time from all political forces so that the work of the Draghi government can continue."